3D Printing

Design and Create with 3D Printing at the Library

What is 3D Printing?


3D printing is creating a three dimensional, physical object from a computer file.  Plastics, metals, ceramics, and other materials (even chocolate!) are being used by a variety of printers.  


Why 3D Printing?


This new technology presents a wide range of possibilities. 
3D printers are being used in households and businesses across the world. It is changing the future of manufacturing, modeling and

architecture, prosthetics, and many other industries and fields.


Type of Printer and Material


The Library's FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer uses a safe, plant-based plastic, PLA (polylactic acid) filament.

Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software is used to create/edit a 3D file.  Once a file (STL. file) is created, it is then manipulated through a slicer program to create the path information for the printer (G-code file).  The material is then heated through a nozzle and builds the item layer by layer.  3D printing is also known as rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.


3D Printing at the Library


The Library is always striving to inform, inspire and enrich the

community.  The 3D printer will be used to promote Digital Literacy (digitalliteracy.gov) to patrons of all ages and connect them with an upcoming technology. 

Our 3D Printer Lab Sessions will be an informational process that will include basic maintenance of the printer, trouble-shooting and designing files.


The Library would like to provide:


 Exposure to new manufacturing / industrial technology

 Introduction to CAD software

 STEAM (stemtosteam.org)


To register for a session,  see the Reference Desk or call the

Library at 412.835.2207.


After you have taken the free class, you will be able to submit files for printing - cost $2 per hour


Please see Library 3D Printer Policy


Children and Teen 3D Printer programs available!


The Children's Department offers 3D Printer Labs several times each year for students in grades K to 12. 

These classes will show students how our 3D printer works and what applications 3D printers have in the real world. 

We will also introduce them to Tinkercad- a free online 3D design program.


Once students have come to our introductory class, they can register to meet with a member of our Children's staff or our Teen Tech Committee if they wish to create an item to print. 

We will assist them with creating their design using Tinkercad and items will be printed by library staff at a later time. 



Please call the

Children's Desk at

412-835-2207 ext 267

for more information about 3D programs for students

in K-12. 


The Library reserves the right to

refuse any print job.



Free Sites on the Web



Free 3D design tool (CAD)



Free community made for sharing

3D printable files and ideas.



3D printer and 3D printing news.