Computers and Technology


The library offers computers for public use.
Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a three hour per day time limit for computer usage.
Guest passes are available for visitors.
See our Internet & Computer Use Policy for more information.
*The library does not offer IT services or computer, tablet or cell phone repair.


Printing is available from all public computers.

Black & White- .15 per page
Color- .50 per page

Copying & Scanning

The library has a black & white and color copier available for public use.

Black & White copies- .15 per page
Color copies - .50 per page

The library has a scanner available for public use.
Items may be scanned to a USB drive or to an email address free of charge.


The library offers free wifi to all library users.
Instructions to connect to BPPL wifi

Wireless Printing

Print virtually any document or web page from your Internet connected PC, Mac, tablet or phone to one of our Library printers.
Click here for wireless printing

3d Printing

3d printing is now available at the library.
Free 3d printing classes are offered to learn how to print personalized gifts, replacement parts or your own invention.
See 3d Printer Policy

Computer Classes

BPPL offers a wide variety of computer classes for adult of all ages. Computer classes are held every week, register at the library
or call 412-835-2207.

Basic Internet Class- Covers how to use a mouse, what the Internet is, how to get to a website when you know the web address, how to search the Internet using search engines.

Advanced Internet Class- Covers how to use the Library's databases, introduces other search tools, and a few tips and hints when searching.

Basic Email Class- Covers how to set up a FREE Yahoo email account (accessible on ANY internet computer)  If you already have an email account, you can bring your email address and password, we can log into your email account, and you can ask questions.

Microsoft Word Class- How to use the Microsoft word processing program.  Covers how to manipulate text (change font size/style, how to center, how to cut/copy and paste, how to save a file, how to change margins, how to print.

Technology Appointments

One-on-one appointments are available for you to learn more about your laptop, e-reader, smartphone, digital camera or common software program. 
Appointments are 45 minutes long. 
Bring your charged device and all relevant cords/cables.
Days and times vary. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment.
*The library does not offer IT services or computer, tablet or cell phone repair.

Fax Machine

BPPL does not have fax machine for public use.