Volunteer Services

Become a Bethel Park Public Library Volunteer.  We'll do our best to pair your interests and availability with our needs.  See below for clearance requirements for volunteering at Bethel Park Public Library

Volunteers often help with library programs and one-time special events. 



Family Place Volunteer - Volunteers are needed to assist library staff in setting up Family Place activities, cleaning toys and supplies, interacting with children and their families, and cleaning up at the end of the evening. 


Book Sale Volunteer - Volunteers prepare donated and withdrawn library materials for sale.  Related tasks include moving boxes of books, adding books to sale tables, greeting and directing customers.


Special Event Volunteer - The Library has many special events throughout the year for which we require help in the area of setting up, running an activity, cleaning up.  Examples include:  Children's Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Reading programs, Halloween Family Night, Tea party, Purse BINGO, etc.


Clearance Requirements for Volunteering

In order to volunteer at the Bethel Park Public Library (except for the annual Book Sale), anyone who is 18 years of age or older MUST either have or be willing to obtain the following clearances:


(Free) Child Abuse History Clearance 

(Free) PA Criminal Record Check 

($23.00) Federal Criminal Background Check (if needed)*


*If you have lived in Pennsylvania consistently for a least the past 10 years, you do not have to complete the Federal Criminal Background Check.  Instead, you will be asked to sign a form stating you have lived in PA for at least the past 10 years and have not committed any offenses that would prohibit you from serving as a volunteer.